Mak Floss

Positive Vibrations Reggae Stage

Mak Floss began to sing at the tender age of 6, where he was given his first taste of the lime light singing in church. He has since been working hard to build on his musical talent, learning to play the piano from as early as eight and later on later on, the drums. “I was born into a musical family, so I couldn’t escape it”. After the passing of his farther at a young age of 14, Nathan “Floss” Tomlinson had to grow up fast but lost the passion and drive for music. As a result he put all his time and energy into football and sports. As he progressed in his football, he began to see himself as a future football star, but that was all about to change. At the age of 16 he sustained a groin injury which shattered his football ambitions and his confidence. Music then started to creep back into his life, but not as a singer, but as a producer. “I started putting down my ideas onto computer and everything jus took off from there”. Even though he enjoyed football and his beloved arsenal, he couldn’t hide his feelings for music any longer. “I loved music and I knew that music loved me”.

After producing for a few months, Nathan then started to MC, where he obtained the name Mak Floss. “Don’t ask me what I was thinking, but I thought I was good at the time and besides I was young, crazy and still trying to get away from the fact that I was born to sing lol”. Even though he was reunited with his first love (music), he never really felt fulfilled and that’s where singing made a come back. “I remember Jaia coming to me and singing something and I just felt like that’s what I should really be doing”. Floss followed his heart and a few GROUPS later; he teamed up with Jaia to form a group called Best Kept Secrets. “From the moment I heard the voices together I knew it was meant to be”. Since rekindling his love for music Mak Floss (now a professional sound engineer/Producer/Songwriter) has produced and written songs for a host of U.K underground artist such as B.K.S, Big Boss Records, Northwest side Entertainment, Shlepp Records, Smudgy, Lil Miz K, Jeromeo, Melody, Smackdown Family, Exodus, oh and Naishawn lol.

Mak Floss says: “You can take me out of music, but you can’t take the music out of me”.